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Making the change is always difficult.  Black Sheep Fitness is here to help you make your change....and what a change that could be. We dont mess around, we use what works to achieve your goals. We give you all the knowledge, the exercises and the support to make the most of your time and to help you make your change now and maintain it into the future. Better Living and Better Life....what more could you ask for?

You have to make a habit to break a habit, so make Black Sheep Fitness your new habit!  read more

Moving you beyond what you think and know about exercise, nutrition and yourself. Everyone has there own ideas about health and exercise, but do you really know? Getting the facts right from the beginning of your journey means that you can get there in the most effective way for you. Because we care about getting it right, means that you get treated as an individual and your specific needs are met. The Black Sheep experience is more than exercise and more than nutrition, it's about empowerment for life, a better life.

Exercise and fitness allied to a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on a person and that, in turn, is projected to and onto the world around them.  By helping people make these changes, we are in fact making our own contribution to a better tomorrow for ourselves, our children and future generations.


I just wanted to thank you once again for all of your tips, expertise and the clever way you have worked me up to being...

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